As part of D-LAB – a visual arts project bringing new digital art to Derbyshire – Junction Arts have commissioned animator Jennifer Booth and technologist Stephen Elliot from Llama Digital to deliver an animation project, titled Time & Motion, of film works by pupils from Heritage High School in Clowne.
Through this project Junction Arts have worked with Llama Digital to produce a Junction Arts App to enable the pupils work to be accessible via smartphone and tablet.
For Time & Motion Gary Thomas from Animate Projects set a brief based on the Animate OPEN: Parts & Labour theme by video to a class of year 8 pupils at Heritage High. The pupils were then tasked to produce animations as a direct response to the brief. The pupils digital content, including their films, were then uploaded onto the Junction Arts App, developed and created by Llama Digital and Junction Arts.
Visitors to QUAD can download the Junction Arts App to watch the films on their smartphone or tablet, selecting each work as they come across the iBeacons around QUAD and Heritage High School.
Get the Junction Arts app here