Well what a fantastic day Sunday was! I just want to start this with a massive thank you to everyone who tuned in, commented, liked, shared and donated during our 2.6 Team Challenge on Sunday 26th April. We had so much fun completing our challenges and sharing a little bit of our worlds with you all for a charity we are deeply passionate about.

In case you missed it, on 26th April 2020, the Junction Arts team got fundraising and set ourselves challenges to complete within the theme of 26 or 2.6. This was part of the national 2.6 Challenge event that took the place of the London Marathon, which has a rescheduled to October 2020 due to COVID19.
We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our charity and get creative thinking up different challenges for ourselves. I think it is fair to say, you could not get a more diverse schedule of challenges if you tried!
The day started early with three races by Hannah and her family to win the chance to be in charge for a day. Each race had to be completed in 2minutes 6 seconds and involved space hopping around their garden 3 times, throwing 26 balls into a bucket and drawing a self-portrait without using their hands. The competition was taken very seriously by Hannah’s 6yr old son, who totally stole the show and won the whole thing!
We really got active as Jemma gave us the disco feeling through our phones with a 26 song dance a thon. From Destiny’s Child to Donna Summer, Jemma really brought her a game in dancing! We worked out afterwards she will have travelled approximately 6 miles in her session.

Jane brought some calm to the Junction Arts challenges, as she took us on a guided tour across 26 fields in the Derbyshire Dales. Her Instagram Live was a wonderful reminder to some people of how beautiful this part of the world is and how lucky we are to live here!
Throughout the day at his home, Paul and family were busy creating 26 pieces of artworks. These included rock paintings, haiku’s, a dance performance by Pauls eldest daughter and a performance of Ho Hey by The Lumineers by the family. My favourite must be Paul and his daughter recreation of American Gothic by Grant Wood.

JJ headlined a dinnertime gig through Junction Arts Instagram Live. She set her stage with dimmed lighting, fairy lights and a brilliantly decorated crutch as her microphone. Singing for 26 minutes, JJ’s performance had people cheering as they ate their dinners and danced along in kitchens.
Aly closed our day of celebration with a spectacular Fire Poi performance in her back garden. Although being nervous prior, having not picked up her poi set for a few years particularly setting them on fire, we are incredibly happy to say Aly smashed it with a beautiful performance!
If you missed any of the performances, we have our highlights available below and on our social media. You are still about to donate to this fundraiser until Sunday 2nd May, all money donated enables Junction Arts to continue to develop our projects online to connect with our communities and deliver creativity when it is needed most!