25 Years of Bolsover Lantern Parade
On Saturday 1st December we defied the rain and celebrated the 25th Bolsover Lantern Parade with thousands of parade participants and visitors from near and far. Lighting the skies for the 25th time were magical lanterns from Unicorns to Elf on the Shelf, two Stilt Batteristas and 20 drummers, a finale of fireworks and a specialist drone which was capturing the incredible scale of this community event from above, flown by flight specialists Xenium Studios. We want to thank all our lantern makers and everyone who came out in their masses to watch this special night.

“Bolsover should be very proud to have such an amazing event in the town. Well done!” Louise Fountain, Bolsover Castle Manager

Welcone to the winners of the 2018 Lantern Competition, judged by three judges from Arts Council England, Old Bolsover Town Council and Bolsover District Council