Junction Arts take the 29th magical spectacle that is Bolsover Lantern Parade back to the streets! Following the cancellation of the Parade due to Covid-19 government restrictions in 2020 and severe winds in 2021, the Bolsover community came back together like never before.

Approximately 1300 people carrying 400 lanterns took to the streets of the beautiful small town of Bolsover where they were applauded and cheered on by thousands of people in huge crowds, for the entire kilometre-long procession.  The event is a real highlight of the year for us, and for the community over the past 29 years.

For the past month we have been working with 6 schools across the district, and 380 school children created paper or willow lanterns inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival. On weekends throughout October and November, we have been making amazing lanterns with new lantern makers and families who have been taking part for decades! The accumulation of these 8 community workshops were the awe-inspiring lanterns that were paraded through Bolsover on Saturday 26th November.

We loved seeing the puppetry skills from our October masterclass with City Arts and puppet maker Bryony McCombie Smith, as our incredible makers animated their lanterns using their arms and feet!

We want to say a huge thank you to our participants, volunteers and artists for all your hard work over the past month.

“Loved it, as always. I love nothing more than spending time with my lad making our lantern each year. We’ll see you next time!” – Jo Kacperski, lantern maker

“Wonderful…I am really glad that it went ahead. Always heartwarming to see everyone coming together. Proper family times. Thank you for the event” – Mark Batty, attendee

“A big thank you for recognising my granddaughter Lillian and grandads lantern as winning the magical lantern category. You have made us both very happy and hope we put a few smiles on the faces of the people who saw it in the parade!”

Thanks to our judges and sponsors from Stancliffe Homes and Stubbins & Hope Funeral Directors for judging the most talented lantern competition yet! The winners, all receiving prizes donated by local businesses, are announced below!

This years competition winners: