Shine a light on what matters most in our community this Christmas

This Christmas we are fund-raising to raise money for our community. With the celebration of Junction Arts’ 45th anniversary, we are sharing why our work matters and how art can transform the lives of those in our communities.

We are aiming to raise £3000 towards our 2022 projects. Let’s keep the community spirit alive together. To donate online click here  or why not use our new text donate option and text JUNCTIONARTS to 70085 to donate £5


Without community our work loses context and value. This image is of Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts, in all her creative glory leading an art workshop. “Her passion for the arts and community is still evident in everything we do at Junction Arts and the legacy of what Tina created will live on forever.”- Paul Steele.

Behind all the great art work you see from Junction Arts are local communities. By engaging in a creative workshop, a festival or by entering a whole new world through books, crafting, film or even a digital adventure, we are able to create a safe and thriving space that meets the community’s needs. These spaces are a place where people can find support, inspiration, friendships, belonging, encouragement, new ideas or skills; all of which contribute massively to a healthy and well-spirited community. A donation of £5 will last a lifetime for so many people, it will create memories, family histories, special calendar dates, an opportunity to learn a lifelong skill and so much more. Lets Celebrate #CommunityChristmas together.