Chesterfield Lantern Parade 2021

In December 2021, we partnered with Chesterfield Borough Council to deliver a lantern parade in Chesterfield.

In 2021 Junction Arts worked in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council to co-ordinate the first Chesterfield Lantern Parade. The aim of the parade and coinciding workshops was to engage disadvantaged areas of Chesterfield in participatory arts activities and to encourage people to use Chesterfield parks whilst creating a celebratory event for the community before Christmas.

A theme for the parade of ‘insects’ inspired by Chesterfield Borough Council’s ‘Year of Outdoors’.

Community lantern making workshops took place in Staveley and Loundsley Green and we worked with three Chesterfield Primary Schools; . Spire Junior School, Barrowhill Primary and William Rhodes Primary.

The event was a great success and we estimated over 450 people took part in the parade with around 200 other people coming down to specifically watch the parade or seeing the parade in passing.

We had some great feedback from people on Facebook about the event:

Good to see something to lift people’s spirits.” “Brilliant afternoon. Fantastic lanterns. The bands were great and I loved the brass band.” “Such a vital event by Junction Arts to keep the community spirit up … Hopefully the event will grow and everyone should be very proud.”