Rural Touring

Junction Arts have recently become a promotor for Live & Local, The Rural and Community Touring Network. Together we have brought high quality, entertaining, and affordable professional live theatre, music and dance to Creswell Social Centre.

Sherlock Holmes and the Crimson Cobbles Poster, 2017.

Sherlock Holmes and the Crimson Cobbles
22nd October 2017

What a great evening we had at Creswell Social Centre on the 22nd October. The Chipping Norton Theatre Company presented Sherlock Holmes and the Crimson Cobbles to a packed audience. It was a brilliant and very funny performance that was enjoyed by everyone. At the end of the evening, the audience were asked to chose 3 words to sum up their experience and here are a few examples:

‘Brill, Enjoyable, Fantastic’ ‘Brilliant, Funny, Captivating’ and ‘Very, Very, Good!’.

Sherlock Holmes and the Crimson Cobbles Poster, 2017.

Bowjangles: Excallibow
28th January 2018

On the 28th January, Bowjangles performed their latest show, The Legend of Excalibow at the Creswell Social Centre.

Nearly 100 people, of all ages, packed the hall for a magical evening of amazing music, hilarious comedy and energetic dance moves. The performance was so unusual it’s not easy to sum up in a sentence but here a few words that capture how people felt at the end of the night:

‘Musically gifted, brilliant, wacky, funny, fantastic, extraordinary’.

‘Thoroughly good fun’.

‘Absolutely blooming excellent!’

Bowjangles: Excalibow Poster, 2017.

For more information about Live & Local please visit their website