Take Me With You

In 2010, Junction Arts Supported Artists Mat Hand and Manuel Reinartz to deliver a participatory, public art project called ‘Take Me With You’.
The project explored themes of absence and missing through a combination of portraiture, poetic text and multimedia.

A series of large scale photographic portraits were taken, of the families of long distance lorry drivers families, which were then printed and installed onto the sides of the lorries trailers by Haulinads.  at their homes in and around the March area of Cambridgeshire, England. These portraits were then printed and installed onto both sides of the driver’s trailers by Haulinads.

At the same time, 165 children from eight Derbyshire schools attended workshops led by poet Andy Tooze where they produced poetic texts based on themes of absence and longing. Extracts from these poems were then installed onto the back panels of the trailers.

“Saw one of these lorries the day after the launch…very impressed. This is as public as ‘public art’ can get. ” Lester Simpson

Take Me With You was launched on the 15th January 2011 at Savage’s Haulage yard in March, Cambridgeshire.
The project was conceived by Mat Hand, co-ordinated by Junction Arts and lorry-side media specialists Haulinads and was funded by Arts Council England.