Diversity Statement

Junction Arts exists to create a better future for everyone through the arts and more specifically our work focusses on communities around Bolsover and Chesterfield, in the North East of Derbyshire.

Many of the reasons our work began over 40 years ago was to democratise the arts for working-class people in industrial communities, using art as a positive tool to create social change. Social change has always been and always will be, at the heart of our projects.

Participation and inclusion are the foundations of Junction Arts and our charitable aims. A large part of our work is considering accessibility and inclusion to determine how we can co-create projects that are inclusive of all backgrounds and perspectives. We use the arts to create safe spaces that meet the needs of our participants, so we can build stronger communities where everyone can thrive.

We will continue to respond to our communities needs and develop an inclusive and diverse work culture that champions equality and aims to break through social barriers; giving everyone the chance of a better future they deserve. We believe that everyone must be treated as an individual and should be valued and respected for their uniqueness.

As board members and staff, we are committed to analysing and improving our practices and are dedicated to embedding access, diversity and anti-racism throughout our organisation, practices and projects. We must continue to remove barriers for artists and participants and actively combat oppression.

We recognise our responsibility as an arts and culture organisation to build bridges, increase social cohesion as well as cultural understandings and pledge to do more.

We resolve to create actions not just words consulting with and listening to marginalised people in our community. This is the beginning of a wider ambition for Junction Arts to truly live up to our ideals of inclusion, opportunity and democratisation of the arts.

Date Updated

January 31, 2024