Emma and Duncan Pass

Emma is a writer and Duncan is an artist and together they run creative workshops.



In May 2020, we interviewed Emma and Duncan Pass as part of our series ‘In Conversation With…’. Below is an overview of their interview. You can find the recording of the interview on our IGTV. Find us on Instagram at @junctionartsUK

Emma and Duncan Pass, also known as ‘Write, Print, Create’ when working together. Emma is an award-winning author and writer and Duncan is an artist and print maker.

Emma has had two books published with Random House ‘ACID’ and ‘The Fearless’, she also teaches writing. Duncan focuses on landscape painting and printing. They met at art school and after working on their own practices have recently joined together to lead participatory workshops.

The first project they applied for was with Nottinghamshire Libraries focusing on comics which combines both of their skills; writing and artwork. This is how they started their participatory work.

Duncan has even made his own printing press, through doing this he familiarised himself with the full process of printing and was able to keep printing and making his own work after art school.

Duncan’s work in painting and printing is linked through drawing. With his different practices he tends to focus on one medium at a time, his printing has moved into etching after stalling with woodcut and transferring his knowledge to etching.

Emma mentioned never to throw things away as her award-winning novel ‘Acid’ was based on writing she began at 14. She has always been a writer and mentions writing with her friends in math class but pursued a full career as a writer later by getting an agent and then a book deal. Since her book being published, she has done lots of school workshops, panels and talks. In lockdown she has been delivering online workshops.
One of her workshops for Paper Nation had 96 people attend and this has shown the possibilities of online work.

Duncan and Emma spoke about the journey of ‘stepping into the unknown’ at workshops, participants nor artists know how it’s going to unfold but everyone takes on the challenge. Emma and Duncan both emphasised how important making mistakes are and getting through the barrier of making a start, putting something on the page.

Participant’s experience is important to Duncan and Emma, they feel that creativity comes from a personal place within and people are always encouraged and supported.

Watch the full conversation to find out more about their individual influences and how well they understand the importance of making art and being creative.

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