Junction Arts Collective FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Junction Arts Collective?

The Junction Arts Collective (JAC) is a preferred suppliers list of artists, a register of pre-assessed, agreed suppliers that Junction Arts will use to secure services.

The assessment process will ensure our preferred suppliers will support the charity’s goals and objectives for growth and success.

The JAC will receive a maximum of 4 emails per year, which will share the latest opportunities and news from Junction Arts.

Commissions over £5,000 will be put out to tender, and members of the JAC will be able to apply for these commissions.


Who is it for?

 Community artists of all mediums, who would like to work with Junction Arts are invited to apply, including illustrators, painters, photographers, designers, musicians, producers, actors, dancers and digital artists.


Why a preferred supplier list?

There are several reasons for having a preferred supplier list of artists, that benefit the creative industry but also help us as a charity to be more efficient and profitable.

The Junction Arts Collective will better support artists in the region, ensuring that we are engaging with and supporting as many as possible.  It will allow Junction Arts to widen its network of community artists and inform them of upcoming opportunities at the charity.

It will also streamline our processes when selecting and recruiting artists, saving time for us but also for the artists.

It will ensure a fair and transparent process and offer clarity for decision-making.

All data will be held in a secure central space and will be monitored and managed by Junction Arts to support programme decision-making.


What are the benefits for the artists?

The JAC will widen the scope of artists that Junction Arts works with, opening opportunities to more creatives.

We hope that the JAC will become an artist’s network, where ideas, training and opportunities can be shared.  The aim is that it will also enable collaboration within the sector.

How will it work?

The Junction Arts Collective will open once a year. Suppliers will be invited to apply to join through a simple application process.

The process will ask the supplier to outline:

  • The details of their business, including basic contact information and a brief overview.
  • Their practice (where relevant).
  • Their approach, understanding and evidence of delivering community arts practice (where relevant).
  • Relevant experience.
  • Their estimated availability for delivery.

A follow-up conversation will take place if the supplier is new to Junction Arts or the delivery team feels that a further conversation is needed.

The applications will be assessed by Junction Arts, once approved, the suppliers will be asked to provide:

  • A copy of their DBS and evidence of signing up to the Updates Service.
  • Where the DBS is over 3 months old and the supplier is not on the updates service, a new DBS will be requested. If the DBS is over 3 months old, but the supplier is on the updates service the DBS can be used for up to 2 years.
  • A copy of the suppliers’ public liability insurance.
  • Contact details for 2 referees.
  • A signed Junction Arts safeguarding policy.
  • A signed agreement that will outline the expectations from both Junction Arts and the supplier. (Namely, this is not an agreement for work).
  • A completed equal opportunities form.

All documents will be held in a central password-protected folder and updated annually by the Office Manager.


What if I have worked with Junction Arts before?

If you have worked with us before, you will still need to register to be part of the Artist Collective, but will only need to supply us with basic information.

We will open the JAC once a year. Once a supplier is on the JAC they won’t be asked to resubmit an application, instead, (where relevant) they will be asked to resubmit their updated documents to the Office Manager.

Recruitment to the JAC will take place once a year offering an opportunity for new suppliers to register their interest.

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