On the 30th November, project Coordinator Jane Wells represented Junction Arts at the Royal Television Society Awards in Birmingham.
JA40: The Junction Arts Story, a film commissioned for our 40th anniversary, was nominated in the prestigious Factual Programme of the Year category. We were in competition with the following nominees:
Our Guy in China – North One Television
The Hunt for Classroom Extremists – BBC Birmingham
Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast – Full fat TV
Inside Out East Midlands – BBC
Travel Man: 48 Hours in …. North One Television Ltd.

Sadly, we didn’t win, piped at the post by Travel Man, a worthy winner. However, it was an amazing achievement to have been nominated, especially for our film maker Chris Bevan of YSP Media. We would like to extend our special thanks to him for working to such a high standard resulting in the film gaining the recognition of the film industry. You can watch our film below and find out more about the JA40 project by clicking this link 

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