My name is Gracie and I have just completed my year ten work experience with Junction Arts. My aim was to find out more about working in the arts and gain some advice for the future. I was also hoping to improve my confidence for future interviews and give me something positive to put on my CV.

Junior Project Coordinator, Martha, was my supervisor during my time at Junction Arts, she was so lovely and helped me throughout the week, checking in to see if I was ok and helping me if I was struggling with anything.  It was a lot less nerve-racking knowing that I had her support!

I had an amazing time doing lots of fun activities and helping different members of the team with their jobs.  I learnt about their roles and how they work together to deliver brilliant projects and initiatives.  Junction Arts is a very supportive and positive place and everyone was very welcoming to me on my first day.

I was given some tasks to do, such as chalkboard designs for the Chesterfield Children’s Festival. I enjoyed getting creative in a relaxed and positive environment. I received some great feedback on my work and this has given me a real confidence boost. It was fun doing the chalkboard designs but I also learnt what important information needed to be included, plus what the target audience was for the signs and what brand colours I should use.


As well as doing the chalkboard designs, I worked with my supervisor Martha to create a series of questions for Emily Bowman, Junction Arts’ Managing Director. With Martha’s help I split the questions into four topics; Junction Arts, Emily’s Career, Employability and Advice. The questions included things about interviews, CVs, Emily’s job and how she got to her position and any advice she would give me.

Being at Junction Arts has developed my communication skills and given me some insight into what it’s like in the workplace. The culture of Junction Arts is very supportive, kind, and ambitious. If someone needs help with something the team always helps and supports them. Being in an environment like this has taught me that being in an office isn’t always competitive, busy, and stressful, it can be calm and supportive!

Thank you Junction Arts for welcoming me with open arms and giving me such a brilliant experience. Over the course of the week, I spent with you, there wasn’t a dull day! Thank you for your advice, kindness and support, it will definitely help me in the next stage of my life.

If you would like to do work experience with us, please email for more information.