We’re delighted to announce that Arts Council England is continuing to support Junction Arts through the National Portfolio programme. The funding totals £757,293 for the period 2023 – 2026. This is an uplift in funding for the next three years which will support Junction Arts ambitious plans to develop new work with more communities in Bolsover, Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire. The uplift in funding is a reflection of Arts Council England’s commitment to boost spending in arts, museums and libraries in villages, towns and cities where investment is currently too low.

Junction Arts Managing Director, Paul Steele, said: “We are very excited and incredibly grateful to receive this funding. The uplift will enable us to deliver with more communities in North Derbyshire ensuring that more people take part in creativity and experience high-quality culture in areas that are currently underserved by investment. In particular it will enable us to work with more young people and offer more opportunities to get involved in creativity. We believe passionately in the positive impact the arts can have on people and places and have witnessed first hand how the arts can improve well-being and inspire positive change. These areas deserve to benefit from these impacts in just the same way as our neighbours in the larger cities and this investment goes some way towards increasing these opportunities for local people.”

Peter Knott, Area Director for Arts Council England said: “Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy great art and culture on their doorsteps and Junction Arts provides arts events, festivals and activities for rural communities across the East Midlands. We’re delighted to be increasing our investment over the next three years and it will be great to see them inspire more people – no matter what their background – to enjoy arts and culture.”

Arts Council England Chief Executive, Darren Henley, said: “Together, each of the 990 organisations that have been offered funding today will contribute to a portfolio that is rich, varied and truly national. This is our widest ever spread of investment across the country, ensuring that many more people will have access to a wider choice of exceptional art, culture and creative opportunities on their doorsteps. We are in tough times but we must remember creativity brings with it extraordinary dividends, boosting our country’s economic growth, creating jobs, bringing communities closer together, and making us happier as individuals. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits it brings, and with this investment, we believe we’ve taken a decisive step towards making that vision a reality.”