Organise your own event

Get started and organise your own event

Already signed up for an event or want to create your own, these simple steps will help you have fund and raise money.

Thank you for choosing to raise vital funds to support Junction Arts!
Our Relationship Fundraiser, Hannah, is on hand to support you through your fundraising journey.

Step 1: Choose your activity

From bake sale to challenging yourself to 100 squats a day for a month, we have plenty of ideas to help you decide what activity you would like to do. Think about getting help from friends, family, local businesses and colleagues to plan your activity. 

Get in touch with to order your fundraising pack. 

Step 2: Tell us about your event and promote it

Give yourself plenty of time to tell people about your activity and raise money. 

Contact the local newspapers, create posters and leaflets to put up in the local area. Share it with your contacts and post it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Let us know about your event, so we can help on how to promote your event.

Step 3: Set up an online fundraising page

One of the most effective ways of running your fundraising is setting up a (Virgin Money Giving or Justgiving) fundraising page. You will get your own link to easily share online and with colleagues, family and friends. Don’t be afraid to share the link our again to update people on your progress and remind them to donate if they haven’t yet.

Step 4: Send in your money

Wow! Thank you for fundraising for Junction Arts! Don’t forget to thank everyone who donated to you.

Money raised through your fundraising page will automatically come through to Junction Arts. Contact us to pay offline fundraising to us directly or make a cheque payable to Junction Arts Limited and post Junction Arts, West Studios, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 7LL