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About The Project


Our Diverse East Midlands

Our Place commissioned 7 artist residencies in 7 communities across the region to co-create new work that is representative of ‘place’. We were delighted to be working with our project partners and to pilot new ways of working together: City Arts (Nottingham), High Peak Community Arts (High Peak), People Express (Swadlincote), Soft Touch Arts (Leicester), Surtal Arts (Derby) and The Hub (Sleaford).The project was inspired by ‘Our World’, the first live, global TV broadcast in June 1967 that connected five continents by satellite. The broadcast invited international artists to perform and represent their respective countries and Our World is most famous for the segment from the UK, which ended with the Beatles performing ‘All You Need is Love’ for the first time.The new work created through each residency has been brought together into a feature length film by Director Chris Bevan, co-curated by Junction Arts and our partners and artists to showcase a diversity of artforms, cultures and communities that make up our diverse East Midlands.The project has a number of aims:
  • To support artists by creating artist residencies and opportunities for delivery.
  • To celebrate communities, culture, diversity and their unique talents.
  • To build new connections across communities.
The celebratory film was broadcast online on the 9th September 2021.You can watch the broadcast on our website.