City Arts

Location — Nottingham
Artist Residency:

Luke Radford &Toby Curson

Community Group: Young Producers
Artist: Luke Radford
Artforms: Filmmaking
Filmmakers Luke Radford and Toby Curson worked with City Arts’ Young Producers group, to create 6 short films that capture the vibe and personality of Nottingham. They pay homage to and take inspiration from Nottingham’s creative community, past and present. The montage of films are more than just a documentary, they celebrate and showcase the place and spirit of the young producers; charming, rebellious and creative.

Community groups collaboration:

Young Producers

Community Group: Young Producers
Age Of Participants: 18 — 30
Artforms: Filmmaking
City Arts' Young Producers learnt new skills as emerging creative professionals. Through this residency they have acquired new film making skills, expanded their networks, connected with their city’s cultural life and contributed to a high-quality, high-profile project.
" A rebellious filmmaking project! We’ve learnt new skills, collaborated with creatives, and explored our city’s identity and our place in it. "

Behind the scenes


Our Place Broadcast

Our Place featuring Young Producers


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