High Peak Community Arts

Location — High Peak
Artist Residency:

Leo Mercer &Kayleigh Eliza

Community Group: HPCA Youth Programme
Artist: Leo Mercer & Kayleigh Eliza
Artforms: VR visual arts, music, creative writing, film making
Within High Peak Community Arts' annual Tall Tales summer school, Leo Mercer & Kayleigh Eliza brought the magic of VR and sound into the 8th year of the project. The artists worked with High Peaks' established artist team and young participants to create a new music video for their song 'Rises from the ashes'. Through VR the group created an immersive landscape setting to produce a music video with a difference!

Community groups collaboration:

HPCA Youth Programme

Community Group: HPCA Youth Programme
Age Of Participants: 10 — 20
Artforms: VR visual arts, music, creative writing, film making
This was a valuable opportunity for the Tall Tales project (running since 2014), because in recent years High peak have prioritised having a consistent artist team. This has been very beneficial for participants as they get to know each other well, and have worked much more productively to build skills from one year to the next. Our Place has allowed us to bring in new artists and new influences to our summer school. We've been able to give the group access to the latest technology in the form of TiltBrush!
"They experienced it [VR] as a safe place for them [… ] the young people were talking like it was a bit of a sanctuary […] They just felt that they could freely paint and express themselves without anyone judging”- residency artist

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Our Place Broadcast

Our Place featuring HPCA Youth Programme


High Peak Community Arts provides opportunities for people to participate in high quality creative arts projects. We focus on those with the least access to the arts and culture and we believe that the arts can be a tool for change in people’s lives. Our two main strands are Youth Arts and Arts, Health & Wellbeing, where we work to break down the barriers to participation, including geographic location, lack of resources, disability or other personal or social circumstances.