People Express

Location — South Derbyshire
Artist Residency:

Sarah Matthews, Joe Sheridan, James Hayes & Chris White

Community Group: People Express
Artist: Sarah Matthews (Folk Musician), Joe Sheridan (Music producer), James Hayes (Jam Jam Hip-Hop artist), Chris White (Music Producer)
Artforms: Music.
6 local young music-makers have worked with professional musicians, music producers and a filmmaker to create an original ‘Song for South Derbyshire’, called 'Grandma's House', which features locations across Swadlincote as part of a short film/music video made by the group. The group recorded their own ‘voice notes’, a collection of samples of people talking, singing, laughing, as well as sounds from nature, which were mixed onto the brand new track. The track was inspired by different genres of music including Hip-Hop and Folk. The young music-makers worked with Folk Musician Sarah Matthews, Hip-Hop Artist Jam Jam and Music Producer Joe Sheridan to compose, write and rehearse, before recording the new composition at Piggyback professional recording studio, with producer Chris White.

Community groups collaboration:

People Express

Community Group: People Express
Age Of Participants: 18+
Artforms: Music
This was the first time that some of our young participants, who have been learning an instrument for years, had written an original song. All of them were new to film making and were hugely excited! The project has given the group time to reflect on what ‘Place’ means to them, to work with new people and discover new digital techniques to compose, play, mix and produce music. The group have had a chance to become young ‘cultural leaders’ by engaging the wider community (of all ages) in a local film project!
“It’s quite good because we did it over several days and it’s quite quick how we got it altogether…it’s worked out really well”- participant
“I’ve found it really interesting and enjoyable and really fun because I’ve met lots of new people and did something the was out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed it.”- participant

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People Express is a professional participatory arts organisation, rooted in communities in South Derbyshire since 1990, whose work with communities has been used as a model of good practice in Bangladesh, Japan and across Europe. People Express supports local groups to work with a wide range of highly skilled and inspirational professional artists across all art forms. Our projects enable participants to become the designers, makers and/or performers of their own artwork. We successfully encourage people of all ages and abilities to get involved in the arts, by listening to what they would like to do and what they have to say.