Surtal Arts

Location — Derby
Artist Residency:

Hoverla Dance Group &Nachda Sansaar

Community Group: Derbyshire audiences
Artist: Vijay Mehay, Kurran Mehay, Kaneil Mehay, Janraj Singh, Vlod Surma, Igor Miroshnichenko, Vlad Miroshnichenko, Joeseph Krupranec.
Artforms: Dance & Music
Age Of Participants: 18+
From Derby's factories and mills catalysing Britain's Industrial Revolution, to world class manufacturing brands like Rolls Royce, Bombardier and Royal Crown Derby - Derby has made generations of engineers whose developments have created connections far and wide. From post-war immigration to welcoming new multi-cultural communities, Derby has made home to generations of diverse people, who've helped transform the city into a creative and vibrant place. This dance production is influenced by the rich engineering and cultural heritage, bringing together two of Derby's oldest diverse communities, Indian and Ukrainian, in a site-specific dance powered by fusion choreography and music at the Museum of Making.

Community groups collaboration:

Derbyshire audiences

Community Group: Derbyshire audiences
Age Of Participants: All welcome
Artforms: Dance and music
This project has enabled people from a round Derbyshire to experience new cultures and how two cultures can work together. The performance was shown to members of the public, and families and friends of the Indian and Ukrainian communities, bringing everyone together in a unique space where the cultures come together to share the history of the local area. There was a Q&A for the audience at the end of the performance, giving people the chance to learn more about cultures.
“Both groups clearly enjoy dancing and so to be able to collaborate with another group and bring and experience something different…I think we find we’re enjoying dancing even more. It’s something new, something very interesting for us to perform.”- Lead Cossack Dancer
“It’s all about industry, about the making of Derby and about how our process worked as well…we came together and built something and now we’re going and share it with people. And that’s a bit like Derby’s industry as well – it’s coming together, building and sharing.”- Lead Bhangra dancer

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