In June, our This Girl Codes participants had another inspiring and creative day at Creswell Crags as we explored the caves, witch marks (or protection marks) – what Creswell Crags knows to be real – and also considered the myths we create and pass down through generations of storytelling, like the story of Mother Grundy.

The day was led by local Creswell born poet and history explorer, Tyler Turner who worked with families to think about our senses in Mother Grundy’s Cave and later create ‘spell poems’, with ingredients inspired by the caves or personal, daily rituals that add meaning and magic to our lives. These spell poems were inked with Indian ink onto lining paper and became our own modern day protection marks!

A big thanks to the Curator of the caves, Angharad for introducing us to her varied role at the site in the afternoon, and showing off some of the Museum’s prehistoric artefacts, including a woolly rhinoceros’ tooth which was smiling at us from over 40,000 years ago!

“I always loved the Crags but the more I learn about them, the more interesting the area becomes… Always inspired by the amazing staff/teachers/facilitators: their knowledge and enthusiasm!” Participant.

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