Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts

A Tribute to Tina Glover

It is with great sadness that Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts, passed away on the 19th December 2020.

Tina ran Junction Arts for 17 years and her appointment coincided with a name change, from Junction 28, and the exciting new challenge of working district wide across Bolsover.

Tina initiated some notable projects, for example, the Bolsover Children’s Festival, an annual event that brought children and their families together from across the district to enjoy culture in all its guises. Based at Bolsover Castle, art, theatre, music and dancing from across the world were just some of the art forms that could be experienced and enjoyed by visitors and all free of charge, ensuring that no one was excluded, whatever their background.

Amongst other things she also set up a series of professional development programmes, designed to skill up local people, cleverly reinvesting back into the community. But her most enduring project legacy must surely be the Bolsover Lantern Parade. Tina and the team delivered the first parade in 1994 and this enormously popular celebration continues to this day, a perfect example of an event that is truly embedded in and valued by the community and with the community at its very heart.

We will miss Tina and the joy she brought to so many elements of our work. Our current Managing Director, Paul Steele said:

“There are so many stories of Tina’s time at Junction Arts, she was a larger-than-life character who brought so much passion and fun into our work. We will all really miss her. Her passion for the arts and community is still evident in everything we do at Junction Arts and the legacy of what Tina created will live on forever.”

Tina was fearless and her energy, enthusiasm and determination put Junction Arts firmly on the map and this tribute from Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, illustrates the respect she commanded from her peers.

“Tina had a life-long passion for arts and culture and truly believed in their transformational powers to shape lives and build communities. Tina was a board member at East Midlands Arts, where she shared not only her expertise and wisdom but her good humour and love of life. As Chief Executive of Junction Arts she worked in the heart of Bolsover/Chesterfield communities, and this is where her true legacy lies. She will be sadly missed.”

Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts
Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts
Tina Glover, former CEO of Junction Arts leading an expedition.