Written by Liv Taylor
Work experience student – July 2022

I’m a student from Brookfield school and I have come to Junction Arts for work experience. I choose Junction Arts because at school I study textiles and I would like to pursue that as a job and so I wanted to see what it was like working in an arts career.

At Junction Arts, I’ve had to do many things such as: designing posters for the Tapton Lock festival, completing many admin tasks, painting signs, been to Creswell Crags and joining in one of the workshops, making social media posts for marketing, and interviewed the Managing Director Paul. Some skills I used were personal presentation as I turned up to work for 5 days and dressed correctly. Another skill was teamwork as most of my tasks were completed with Abby who was also doing work experience and I also used creativity when it came to designing the posters and making the social media posts.

Whilst at Junction Arts I most enjoyed the environment of the job and the staff as they made me feel very welcome and comfortable and I’ve learned that not all workplaces are strict and serious they can be fun. Being at Junction Arts has made me certain about my plans for the future as now I’ve had an experience I know that I would definitely like a career in textiles and arts.

I think Junction Arts it’s a very friendly and comfortable place and their events and what they do is really good and helpful for the community. As I was able to talk to everyone about their jobs I even got to talk to Annie, the chair of Junction Arts, who has a degree in textiles and she taught me many more things that I haven’t learned in school yet and it made me certain of what I’d like to do in the future.